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Service Details
Day Care Services 29 individuals attend the LLK day care program
Residential Services LLK is not only a residential facility to 19 adults with Autism, it is ultimately their home away from home
Skills Training Skills training is essential for beneficiaries and focuses on:
-life skills
-coping skills
-social skills
-creativity skills
-psycho-social skills
Vocational Stimulation All beneficiaries are motivated to be actively involved in daily vocational workshops. An ultimate objective is to develop & support beneficiaries in this department in order to facilitate conditional employment in future. LLK has three workshops for beneficiaries in specializing functioning levels.
Vocational activities include:
-produce of products for markets or on order
-contracts in co-operation with companies to execute basis tasks on their behalf
Wellness The emotional and psychiatric wellness of beneficiaries are monitored closely. Signs of anxiety, anger, sadness etc. are reported immediately in order to avoid meltdowns with devastating consequences
Medical-Psycho Support Medical intervention is essential to most beneficiaries. Psychiatrists, neurologists and nurses are hard at work to provide medical support to control seizures, moods, concentration, aggression, diabetes etc.
Structured Environment Routine & familiarity is of the utmost importance for people with Autism. LLK provides a monitored program in a structured environment to ensure optimal comfort & functioning
Outings Beneficiaries are regularly exposed to different environments that are not overwhelming with too many people around them. They go on daily walks in the community, visit our local park & shop when they feel up for it
Professional Services Due to the complex nature of Autism, professional services are essential. Occupational therapy, physical excersise, musical activities and social work support is available.
Relaxing Environment LLK provides an environment where individual choice & preference are prioritized. The facility has a swimming pool, television lounges, and music equipment available
Community Involvement LLK strives to facilitate community support, integration, awareness, resources and access.

Would you like to get involved in our community?

There are many ways to get involved in the LLK community. You can fundraise, campaign, donate, volunteer, work for us and much more! Whatever you decide to do, thank you for being there and making a difference. We appreciate any help and support that we can get, 
For more information, please contact us, Bank details are as follow:

Standard Bank, Menlyn | Branch Code: 012345 | Acc. No: 012 739 529 | Acc. Name: Lethabo le Khutso