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Mission, Vision & Objectives


LLK will provide beneficiaries with a safe and secure environment, to accommodate an integrated alternative home centered living facility, offer a respite care service, and support lifelong learning, as well as working opportunities. The rights, competencies and differences of stakeholders will be respected by all. They will be treated with dignity through the implementation of approaches related to best supported practices to enhance their autonomy and quality of life experiences. 


To develop, expand & sustain a world class autism-specific community-based service model for adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.


To attain the Mission, LLK operates to realize the following objectives:

  • To benchmark LLK against international leading companies that provide services to adults with Autism
  • To provide & maintain residential and day services for adults with ASD
  • To provide vocational therapy services to adults with Autism
  • To provide an environment where adults with Autism engage in defined tasks in order to facilitate ultimate developmental potential of each individual 
  • To provide respite care services to assist people with Autism and their caregivers as resources and capacity permit
  • To collaborate with all spheres of government as well as other appropriate entities and service providers in pursuance of LLK’s objectives
  • To maintain & develop advisory and support services for LLK clients’ families stakeholders and employers
  • To provide training and devlopment on a continuous basis to staff & members and encourage them to acquire relevant qualifications through further education
  • To foster & maintain close links with the broader community